Why more hair salons now offer hijab-friendly services

  • In fact, a growing number of hair salons in the city and across the nation are offering the privacy required for hijab-clad women to receive services without worrying about male employees or clients catching a glimpse of what’s underneath.
  • The step toward inclusivity is helping to break down the misconceptions related to the Islamic dress — ultimately empowering the women underneath it.
  • A woman who chooses to wear the hijab is required to cover her hair and most of her body from men outside of her immediate and extended family circles. The Islamic guideline may differ among a spectrum of religious schools of thought.
  • “Just because you wear a headscarf, it doesn’t mean you don’t take pride in your appearance or you don’t want to get your hair coloured — it’s the exact opposite,” said Lamees Ammoury, who represents three salons in London including the Cut Above and Sami and Naji.
  • Renaud hopes to see more professional hair salons adopt forward-looking services like the hijab-friendly practice.

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