White, non Muslim woman who lived as a Muslim for a week left sickened by racial abuse

  • Katie Freeman, 42, wore traditional Islamic dress as she went about her daily activities, and was left “sickened” after being subjected to racist abuse from people outside her local pub.
  • Katie, who immersed herself in the local Pakistani Muslim community for “My Week as a Muslim” in filming that overlapped with the Manchester terror attack in May this year, was asked by punters if she planned to “blow them up.”
  • My Week as a Muslim saw Katie move in with Saima Alvi, 49, and her family to live life by Islamic customs and experience the prejudices they face in a culture of Islamophobia.
  • An outraged Katie is left visibly shaken by the incident, saying: “That’s what they have to put up with all the time don’t they? What harm am I doing walking down there?”

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