Vast Muslims are again target of terror as seen in Egypt attack

  • Terrorists in Egypt, particularly in North Sinai, seek to prove their strong existence by expanding terror attack targets to vast Muslims, said Egyptian political experts.
  • At noon on Friday, when Muslims gathered at mosques for massive weekly prayers, a bomb and gunfire attack against a mosque in a small village in North Sinai killed at least 305 worshippers, including children, and injured over 100 others.
  • The attack is the first against Muslim worshippers at a mosque in Egypt and the deadliest in the country’s modern history.
  • On Saturday, the Egyptian Prosecution said in a statement that the Sinai mosque attack was carried out by nearly 30 militants in camouflage.
  • Hassan Nafaa, a political science professor at Cairo University, believes that the bloody mosque attack, although none has claimed responsibility, will fuel Egyptians’ hatred and rejection of militant groups in the country, even including those who oppose the regime most.

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