Usage of blockchain in production and supply chain for halal goods announced

  • The International Center of Islamic Economy (ICIE) in cooperation with the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA) has launched the Halal Digital Chain project, which will aim to use blockchain in the supply chain for halal products.
  • The Halal Digital Chain is a decentralized digital system supported by blockchain and IoT technologies. It verifies and tracks halal products by bringing together stakeholders in a single digital system, enabling consumers to see the product manufacturing and processing stages.
  • The project was announced at the first blockchain forum for the Halal sector, organised by ICIE and DAFZA. The event was attended by officials, investors and entrepreneurs from Australia, China, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and other others.
  • The project is based on a comprehensive study of Halal Digital Chain technology and how it can be applied on the ground to the blockchain processing of halal products and all aspects related to their manufacturing and production.

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