University of Indonesia is now halal products guarantor

  • To assist government efforts in the provision of halal products, the University of Indonesia (UI) has launched a Halal Centre, which will serve as a halal products guarantor institution (LPH) starting from January 2018.
  • Director of UI Halal Center Amarila Malik stated that Muslim organizations Al Irsyad Al Islamiyyah and Malaysia Management Science University would assist the center to conduct research on whether products were halal.
  • BPJPH head Sukoso said that auditors who had previous experience as Indonesian Ulemas’ Council (MUI) Food and Drug Analysis Agency (LPPOM) auditors only need three days to be certified.
  • In October, the government revoked the authority of MUI to certify halal products, following the inauguration of the BPJPH.

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