17 Things You’re Tired of Hearing as a Muslim




1. You don’t eat pork, like ever?

2. Try this drink, no one will see, it’s one a little bit of Alcohol in it, promise!

3. That candy has gelatin in it!

4. So you cover your head at all times even at home?

5. How many wives do you have?

6. How do you say your name again?

7. Why do you always take a bottle with you to the toilet?

8. So you are Muslim but you aren’t Arab, how?

9. Do you speak Muslim?

10. What’s your opinion on terror?

11. Who forced you into wearing that headscarf (hijab)?

12. What happens if you chose for yourself who you want to marry?

13. “Everything you do” is somehow related or due to your religion!

14. Someone answers you with an “insha Allah” and so you know what that means.

15. When are you planning to get married?

16. You are married and have no kids or only one kid?

17. Wow, your English is really good!


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