The difference made by Muslim charities often ignored – especially during western holidays

  • Tory MP Anna Soubry and Labour MP Wes Streeting, co-chairs of a parliamentary group that addresses Muslim issues and seeks to tackle Islamophobia, say we should recognise the important work carried out by many different communities in our country.
  • As the Grenfell tragedy unfolded and catapulted to the fore the failings of society towards those most deprived, it also cast a light on humanity at its best – the frontline charity work being done by British Muslims up and down the country. Muslim Brits have for years quietly and consistently been doing their duty of charity, and this is never more true than at Christmas.
  • While most are busy filling stockings, many Muslims will be busy filling soup kitchens. As we open our homes to families, many Brits will open their mosques, restaurants and most importantly their hearts, to those less fortunate.
  • The term “faith-based” is significant: this work is as much a product of a Muslim sense of spiritual duty as it is a British sense of civic pride. Charity workers are largely volunteers: not often recognised, but never forgotten by those touched by their acts of kindness.
  • Headlines aside, the number of British Muslim Charities supporting non-Muslims during the season of good will is testament to the true nature of the Islamic faith. British Muslim communities are living out their faith by playing an active role and supporting the most deprived in their communities.

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