Symposium: Islam, Muslims, and education in the UK

The place of Islam and Muslims within British education has been the focus of intense debate, as has the role of Islamic education and its institutions. Yet much of this work offers a macro-level discussion of complementary and conflicting ideological and normative claims. Increasingly there is a need to locate these debates in views “from the ground”.

This one-day symposium takes this as its core focus, asking what are the experiences of Muslims in education in Britain today? It is intended to move from the macro to the micro, exploring the everyday lived experiences of Muslim operating within various educational institutions in Britain. By sharing these narratives, it is hoped that this symposium can help nuance wider debate surrounding the experiences of Muslims in British educational contexts.

Venue: Main Council Chamber, Main Building, Park Place, Cardiff University

Date: Monday January 15th, 2018, 10am – 5pm

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