Study finds Islamic prayer reduces back pain and increases joint elasticity

  • As individuals age, some of the initial ailments to occur revolve around reduced movement and pain in the lower back region and in joints. However, study co-author and Binghamton University professor, Mohammad Khasawneh, has found a possible solution to reduce these ailments. Dr. Khasawneh believes that the physical repetitive movements of Islamic prayer reduce lower back pain and increase joint elasticity, if performed correctly.
  • This doesn’t come as much of a surprise since Islamic prayer encompasses not only the wellbeing of our mind, but also our body. Muslims engage their bodies and spirit during the prayer ritual. It’s an act known to be soothing to the body, mind, and spirit and serves as a form of discipline to help schedule our day.
  • The fact that prayer is meant to be performed a minimum of five times throughout the day also gives Muslims time to de-stress and tune into their spirituality.
  • The different movements in the Islamic prayer have shown to have some effect in decreasing pain in the lower back and joint problems. For example, the sujood, or kneeling position encourages the elasticity of joints. So far, the study has looked at how the prayer ritual affects a healthy body, but has yet to see how varying rituals can affect pain in physically disabled individuals.

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