South African Tiger Brands’ listeria-affected products not halal certified

  • No listeria-affected polony manufactured by South Africa’s Enterprise Foods were halal-certified, Nevashnee Naicker, spokesperson for the firm’s parent company Tiger Brands, told Salaam Gateway.
  • Since the first report of listeriosis at the start of 2017 in South Africa, the food-borne disease has claimed 180 lives, with 948 cases reported by February 27 this year, according to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD).
  • NICD traced the outbreak on March 3 to a processed cold meat product called polony. The infected polony products were further traced to a factory owned by Enterprise Foods in Polokwane, the capital of the Limpopo province.
  • Tiger Brands’ Naicker told Salaam Gateway none of their products have halal certification, as most contain pork.
  • A South African human rights lawyer has said that he is planning to launch a class action lawsuit against Tiger Brands on behalf of the families of people who died and those affected by the outbreak.

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