South Africa moves towards Muslim-friendly tourism

For a while now we have been talking about the opportunity Muslim-friendly tourism represents for Cape Town and South Africa.

  • By 2020 about 26% of the world’s population will be Muslim and, given the growth of the Muslim middle class and younger population with increased disposable income, Muslim travellers are becoming a significant segment within the global travel and tourism sector.
  • Despite Cape Town’s large Muslim population, there’s a gulf in awareness when it comes to tailored products for this market segment, particularly when it comes to hotels and restaurants.
  • In a survey published in the Muslim Travel Shopping Index 2015, more than 80% of the respondents mentioned that the availability of halaal food options is “very important” when choosing a holiday destination. This information has prompted the creation of a chef exchange programme, which kicked off with a function showcasing gourmet halaal cuisine.
  • Cape Town Tourism, in partnership with CrescentRating, brought two five-star chefs from Singapore to train Cape Town chefs. Both chefs are active in training and educating chefs on halaal gourmet cuisine.
  • The objective of this programme is to engage directly with the restaurant and hotel industries, and to create awareness of the potential of this market segment, training chefs in halaal cuisine and the basic adjustments required to meet standards.

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