Six restaurants in Japan that serve halal food

  1. Seasonal Cuisine Matsumune – In Chiba, Muslim travelers seeking halal food can visit Seasonal Cuisine Matsumune. The restaurant serves vegetarian sushi, which could be a choice to satisfy hunger.
  2. Shira Yakiniku Restaurant – Also in Chiba, Shira Yakiniku serves halal yakiniku beef. Visitors must reserve prior to their meal to enjoy halal yakiniku in order to avoid the restaurant’s long waits.
  3. Panga –┬áis a restaurant located in Taito. There is a halal logo displayed at the entrance door, which indicates the restaurant was certified by the Japan Halal Foundation.
  4. Halal Sakura – Located in Asakusa, Halal Sakura’s entrance is decorated with a cartoon image of a boy and a girl dressed in Islamic attire, with the girl donning a headscarf.
  5. Nikkoken– is a ramen restaurant located in Sano. There is a mural at the restaurant that is signed by visitors who have eaten there. On it, there are many testimonies from Indonesian visitors.
  6. Heian is a retaurant in Nikko that serves udon and soba. It is located in the Tobu World Square area.

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