Singapore’s biggest up-and- coming halal industry player expanding to Japan, China and Korea.

  • SINGAPORE’S biggest up-and- coming halal industry player My Outlets Express Pte Ltd is stepping up its game with expansion activities in Japan, China and Korea, but the heart of its business still lies within the Lion City.
  • My Outlets’ founder and chairman Ronnie Faizal Tan started the company in 2013, with the mission of helping SMEs, especially those in halal F&B, distribute their products.
  • That mission of being a food distributor has now evolved into building a global halal hub, allowing halal food manufacturers and exporters to distribute their products through the company’s value-chain channel of supermarkets.
  • Following My Outlets’ success in Singapore, the chain ventured into Asia, opening three supermarkets in Chiba, Japan as well as planning expansion in Johor Baru, Beijing, Seoul and Guangdong.
  • The Global Halal Hub supermarket features over 11,000 halal certified products from 41 countries.
  • My Outlets has also gone into the business of acquiring restaurants with the intention of making them halal-certified.
  • Sales for My Outlets increased from less than S$1 million in 2015 to about S$6 million this year.


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