Short story for Muslim kids about honesty

This is a short islamic story for Muslim kids teaching honesty. Inspired by a true story.

The girl who got Two kulfis for the price of One.

It was their favourite family summer ritual. They bought kulfi daily from the kulfi wala who frequented their street every summer and the whole family ate with much joy. The kulfis were cool and delicious and gave them great relief from the hot summer rays.

The “tring tring tring” of the kulfi cart made the little kids heart flutter with joy. As soon as they heard him entering their street both the siblings would rush to the gate and the elder brother would buy kulfis for all of them.

Today, the kulfi hawker came but the brother was not home. The sister was only 7 years old and knew her mother doesn’t go out to buy kulfi and dad was at the office. But she really wanted the kulfi today. She asked her mom if she could go and buy them herself. “But you are a………

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