Senior German politician vows to ban the three great M’s: Mohammad, Muezzin, and Minaret

  • A senior German far-right politician has vowed to ban Islam across Europe if his party came to power in the western European country.
  • “Once we come into power, we will enforce what is necessary for us to live our lives freely. We will issue the directive that after crossing the Bosporus, the three great M’s: Mohammad, Muezzin, and minaret, are over, dear friends!” Bjoern Hoecke, told his AfD supporters Saturday in Germany’
  • In a one-hour speech, Hoecke claimed that he was not an enemy of Islam and he was “actually tolerant;” however, Islam did not belong to Europe.
  • The AfD has become the third-largest party in Germany, after winning 12.6 percent of the vote in parliamentary elections on Sept. 24.
  • Berlin daily Tagesspiegel said “the worst thing is that the more AfD officials say such things, the more quickly they become normal. The outrage wears off, and at some point, there will no longer be an outcry.”

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