Saudi Tourist visa rules completed

  • The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH) has announced that the regulations for tourist visas have been completed and submitted to the higher authorities for approval, according to an SCTNH statement quoted by the Center of International Communication (CIC) on Sunday.
  • The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH), in cooperation with the ministries of interior and foreign affairs, has completed tourist visa regulations, the SCTNH said in the statement.
  • Some 900,000 Saudis work in the travel and tourism sector. Last year alone, Saudi Arabia welcomed an estimated 18 million visitors, most of whom came to perform the Haj and Umrah.
  • The Kingdom has some important archaeological and historical sites, including Madain Saleh in the northwest, built by the ancient Nabateans; and Diriyah, a small historic city about 20 kilometers from the capital.
  • Both are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Other UNESCO sites are Al-Balad, or Historic Jeddah, and the Rock Art archaeological site in Hail region.
  • Saudi Arabia has also announced other major tourism projects as part of Vision 2030, including the Red Sea Project, a coastal lagoon covering some 50 untouched islands stretching along more than 150km of unpopulated coastline.

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