Report: the ‘Tayyib’ ‘pure and wholesome’ aspect of ‘Halal and Tayyib’

  • One thing that is not emphasised enough when discussing Halal is what is always mentioned with it in the Qur’an and that is ‘Tayyib’ wholesome and pure.
  • Industrial food and farming systems are making people sick in a variety of ways, and are generating staggering human and economic costs – according to a major new report from the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food).
  • The report found that those without power or voice are often exposed to the greatest health risks in food systems, meaning that these impacts often go unseen, undocumented and unaddressed.
  • Furthermore, the health impacts of food systems are interconnected, self-reinforcing, and complex. They are caused by many agents, and exacerbated by climate change, unsanitary conditions, and poverty – factors which are shaped by food and farming systems.

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