Please advise! How do I tell my family I am Muslim?

I know there are many ways that you can tell your family you are muslim. As a convert myself, I know how difficult and challenging this can be. Where do I start? How do I say it? What if they don’t accept it? How should I react? That’s why I thought it would might be helpful to give some advice on how to talk to your family about this.

  1. Know the Frequently Asked Questions Muslims Get, and Try to Not be Defensive
  2. Take a Friend With You
  3. Tell Your Family You Want to Stop talking about Islam
  4. Let Your Family Know You are Still You
  5. Do Not Wait Too Long
  6. Be Honest But Above all, Be Patient
  7. Expect the Worst
  8. Don’t Be Scared
  9. Live By Example

Read in detail here!

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