Parents of Quebec City mosque shooter break silence, say they are living ‘a real nightmare’

  • The parents of the 28-year-old accused of murdering six men at a Quebec City mosque called the attack inexcusable and inexplicable, and said they too are living “a real nightmare.”
  • Alexandre Bissonnette faces six counts of first-degree murder in the shooting spree at the Islamic Cultural Centre on Jan. 29 last year. His trial is set for March 26.
  • A police warrant made public last fall revealed that on the night of the mosque shooting, Mr. Bissonnette ate dinner with his parents and told them he was heading to his shooting club, Les Castors de Charlesbourg. They never saw him again.
  • Police say the accused owned two handguns – a Sig Sauer and Glock – and a Browning long gun. The suspect’s father told police the guns were registered and kept in a locked storage unit in his mother’s basement.

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