My first tarawih praying in Masjid Al-Haram

  • Remembering my first Ramadan. The first one that I was old enough to actually fast and follow all the rules with it, takes me back to a time of sweet childhood memories.
  • I was six years old when my parents first spoke to me about me fasting during Ramadan that year. They knew I was still quite young to actually take it seriously, but they also knew that I loved a challenge and would try my hardest to stick to the fast even if it was tough.
  • That Ramadan, it was different. Not only was I going to be able to fast along with them, but I would also be experiencing the Holy Month in the sacred city, Makkah!
  • This would not just be my first Tarawih, but also my first Tarawih in this sacred city. I had heard stories, all the recollections my friends and family had, of their previous visits to the Holy Mosque during Ramadan, of not just the prayer being long, but also each Rakaat, each Rukooh and each Sujood being extra long too.
  • Tarawih during the last ten days of Ramadan was incredible. I never thought it could be possible for the atmosphere to be even more ramped up, but it was! I would give anything to be spending this coming Ramadan and to be offering Tarawih in Makkah!

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