A Muslim landowner took in dozens of Christians into protection

  • Militants were torching homes and schools, freeing prisoners, taking hostages.
  • The Battle of Marawi morphed quickly into one of the deadliest conflicts the southern Philippines had experienced.
  • Lucman — a 61-year-old Muslim retiree’s house was swarming with people — Christians and Muslims, old and young, relatives and strangers. They crammed into two massive living rooms and the kitchen and napped on his beds.
  • Lucman promised the Christians that when the crisis was over he would take them out to dinner with their families.One day, he called some of the Christians who had stayed at his house those 12 days. “Remember the promise I made you,” he told them.
  • Since the Battle of Marawi began, more than 600 militants, 130 soldiers and policemen, and 40 civilians have been killed — some of them trying to get to Lucman’s house.

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