Mosque is vandalized then pays fine for vandal to save him from jail

  • On October, 2016, Masjid Al Salam in Fort Smith, Arkansas (USA) was vandalized by Abraham Davis. The front of the mosque was covered with the words “Go Home”, along with a swastika etched in spray paint. However, after one year, Abraham found help from the very people he hurt.
  • Davis was charged with community service, along with massive fines, something he was not able to do on his own. This is where the mosque stepped in.
  • Just before the new year arrived, President of Al Salam, Louay Nassri, decided to write a cheque for $1,700 to help pay for the rest of Davis’ fines. The money was originally allocated for renovations to the mosque.
  • Nassri says “Al Salam” means “peace” and he continues to uphold that meaning.

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