Misrepresentations of Muslims and Islam in the Media

A Free media is vital, but for people to retain trust and confidence in the media, they must respect and adhere to reporting objectively, fairly and accurately. For Muslims, negative portrayal directly feeds into the growing Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred we so often hear about. Misrepresentation of Muslims and Islam in the media therefore has real security costs for citizens of our country.

The Muslim Council of Britain has been challenging the media and taking them to account for misrepresentations of Muslims and Islam. Below is a collection of successful challenges that we have made.

  • The Times USES Misleading Picture With Muslim School Children
  • Sunday Time’s False Claim of Asians Making up 80% of Child Groomers
  • Sunday Times Uses Highly Inappropriate ‘Muslim Attacks’ Term
  • The Times issues a Front Page Note About a Correction of Yet Another Story Scapegoating Muslims
  • Sunday Times Bigotry – Like Muslims are Different?
  • BBC Uses Appalling Term on Muslims
  • BBC Uses Misleading Picture Connecting Muslims to Unrelated Story
  • BBC Adds Another Pillar in Islam
  • Mail on Sunday Updates Sensationalist Article After Claiming Chair of Governor Resigned Because ‘Staff Too Frightened to Come to School’
  • Mail Online Retracts FALSE Headline Claiming 84% of Men Convicted of Grooming are Asian
  • After 4 months of complaining, the BBC eventually corrected an article it had incorrectly citing Trevor Kavanagh’s worrying article writing about ‘The Muslim Problem’.
  • Mail Online Falsely Accuses Muslim Man of Parsons Green ‘Tube Bomber’
  • Anti Muslim Bigotry of The Sun’s, Rod Liddle, Reaches New Lows
  • Absurd Articles in British Press Claiming Christian Footballer is ‘Devout Muslim’
  • BBC Removes Inflammatory Statement on Holocaust and Muslims
  • Mail Online Victim Blames Mosque Immediately After Terror Attack on Mosque
  • BBC Radio 4 Brings on Notorious Islamophobe on Today Programme Without Clear Introduction
  • BBC Changes Definition of ‘Islamist’ on Front Page Story After Complaint
  • Express Retraction Over False Claim School ‘Banned’ From Singing Silent Night
  • BBC Sunday Politics Show Platforms Activist Calling for ‘Less Islam’ to Counter Terrorism
  • Sun Apologises For Falsely Stating Muslims Think 75% of UK is Islamic
  • Express Admits ‘Specifics’ in Voter Fraud Article
  • Express Admits False Article on Migrants
  • MailOnline Apologies and Changes False Headline About Muslims
  • Trevor Kavanagh’s False Claims About Migrants in the Sun
  • The Sun Retracts Article After Inaccurate Article Taken From The Express
  • Mail Online’s Misleading Headline Playing on Anti-Muslim Sentiment
  • Daily Star Falsely Sensationalises Story on Muslims Against Policy Exchange Poll
  • The Sun Inaccurately Focuses on ‘Islamic Phrase’ In Quebec Mosque Attack Coverage
  • The Times Slurs Muslim School Without Justification
  • The Sun Corrects and LadBible Retracts Article on Supermarket Horror in Spain
  • Daily Mail Corrects Slur Against NUS President
  • Sun Forced to Retract Bogus Claim about Train Crash
  • The Sunday Times and Mail On Sunday Retract Bogus Headline After Complaint
  • Sun on Sunday Mixes Up Two Black People
  • Express Changes Headline After Writing ‘£5 Note Could Be Banned as Not Halal’?!
  • Express Retracts Entire Article Due to False Reporting
  • Sun Somewhat Corrects False Claim that Muslims think ‘75% of UK is Islamic’
  • ITN Retracts Misleading Piece After Inaccurate Interpretations of Findings by Think Tank
  • LBC Deletes Misleading Tweet of Muslims Praying
  • Express Changes Headline Which Didn’t Match Context of Story
  • The Times Changes Headline Calling School ‘Islamist’
  • Daily Mail and Sun Correct Headlines Linking ‘Honour Killing’ to Islam
  • Daily Star Sunday Corrects Significantly Misleading Headline About UK Mosques and ‘Funding of Terror’
  • Mail On Sunday Apologises After Claiming Muslims Had Attacked Immigration Vans

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