What marketers need to know about the power of Saudi Arabia’s new fleet of female drivers

  • “For Saudi Women the announcement about driving was a historic moment that became a trending topic worldwide,” said Sawsan Abdallahi, MENA regional lead for Ogilvy Noor.
  • Auto brands in the Middle East will now be working quietly on more integrated, nuanced campaigns ahead of June 2018 when the ban officially lifts.
  • Marketers shouldn’t have trouble reaching this new population of drivers. Abdallahi noted that KSA is home to more than 40% (2.4 million) of all active Twitter users in the Arab region, thanks to its plethora of “young citizens who are technologically savvy.
  • Professor Jonathan AJ Wilson’s advice is that while marketers should observe tact and diplomacy when delivering work in this region of the world, this should not be at the expense of what he describes as “the necessary blend of edginess, evocative emotions and excitement”.

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