Malaysia’s JAKIM to launch annual international halal award next year

  • Malaysia’s national halal certifier, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, better known by its Malay acronym JAKIM, is planning an award to highlight and reward compliance and excellence of halal certifying bodies it recognises and the companies certified by them.
  • Halal standards developed by the Department of Standards Malaysia and implemented by JAKIM are seen as an important benchmark for the halal industry globally and are widely adopted by certifying bodies in other countries in the absence of a single global halal standard.
  • JAKIM currently recognises 67 foreign certifying bodies based in 41 countries. Its recognition enables easier export access to Islamic and halal markets. Australia, for which the Middle East and North Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia are its biggest halal markets, has the highest number of recognised certifying bodies with seven, followed by six in Japan and four in China.
  • Halal awards have been springing up very recently. Two new awards have emerged just this year alone: the Asia Halal Brand Awards organised by Malaysia-based Armani media, which is supported by JAKIM, and the United Kingdom-focused Halal Awards organised by The Oceanic Group.
  • United States-based Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) awards an annual ‘Company of the Year’ award for excellence in halal compliance.

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