Keeping your home clean with two natural ingredients

  • Who doesn’t love to return to a beautiful and clean home? We all have different routines when it comes to keeping our homes spotless, but have you ever wondered about the kind of chemicals and toxins lurking in your cleaning products?
  • The truth is, the stuff you may be using to scrub that dirt away are filled with ingredients that are seriously harmful to your health, and the well being of the planet.
  • While your intention is to keep your space clean, the reverse is happening. Instead, you’re exposing yourself (and if your a mom, your young children too) to toxins, chemicals and artificial fragrances which have been proven to have adverse effects on the human body.
  • There’s good news, though. People were keeping their homes clean way before they were relying on post industrial-revolution supermarket brands. They had loads of natural, healthy and safe ways to making sure their homes were sparkling and chemical-free.

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