The Islamophobia industry’s favorite imam is a fake

  • It doesn’t take a great deal of investigative curiosity to know something is amiss when Muslim hating New Atheists promote and praise a figure who expresses devotion to the Islamic faith.
  • A quick Google search of the Imam provides a quick answer for why New Atheists are suddenly fawning over Tawhidi, otherwise known as the @ImamOfPeace on Twitter. You see, Tawhidi not only hates Muslims as much as they do, but also disseminates the exact same debunked anti-Muslim conspiracy theories New Atheists share in their books, blogs, and podcasts.
  • Tawhidi is not an Imam, nor is Tawhidi recognised as an Imam by either the Australian National Imams Council or its South Australian equivalent, “nor is he affiliated with any Australian mosque or prayer centre,” according to an investigation into the “fake Sheikh.”
  • In fact, no one had even heard of the self-annointed Iman Tawhidi prior to seemingly emerging out of nowhere in the Australian media last year. His cartoonish and pardoxical efforts to portray himself as the sum of all xenophobic fears, while at the same time echoing xenophobic narratives made him an irresistible magnet to Australian media outlets and racist hate groups.
  • In the meantime, however, Tawhidi will continue to pander to slobbering, white anti-Muslim bigots, and far right extremists by giving them exactly what they want: narratives and “humor” that portray Islam as a threat to Western civilization.

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