Islamophobia in Austria targets Muslim baby

  • Baby Asel was the first person born in Vienna, Austria in 2018, at 12:47 a.m. local on Jan. 1. Instead of being greeted with the usual messages of love Asel’s parents, Naime and Alper Tamga received a series of hateful messages calling for death and deportation.
  • One person wrote: “I’m hoping for a crib death,” while others demanded the newborn’s deportation: “Deport the scum immediately,” one social media user wrote.
  • Austria has witnessed a spike in hate speech related to xenophobia after the country, like others in Europe, began to take in refugees from war-torn nations such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • This anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim feeling is reflected in Austria’s political make up. On December 2017 the Austrian government entered into a coalition with the far-right anti-immigration Freedom Party, making Austria the only western European state with far-right presence in its government.

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