Islamic digital economy 2017: First big acquisition, Silicon Valley backing, food tech and ecosystem building

Tech stakeholders in the Islamic digital economy weigh in to offer opinions and a recap of where 2017 took the sector in terms of start-ups, deals, and ecosystem building blocks

Multiple stakeholders in Islam- and Muslim-focused tech agree 2017 was a year of increased traction and validation for start-ups but it was an announcement about a government-led initiative that ended the sector’s year on a high forward-looking note.

Also over the summer this year, Y Combinator admitted its first Malaysian start-up, the healthy food preparation and delivery service Dahmakan, which operates in Kuala Lumpur’s largely-halal food ecosystem. The company won $1.3 million in a seed round in February. It told tech publication Techcrunch then that it wasn’t planning on expanding across Malaysia but is eyeing other parts of Southeast Asia.

HalalEat’s Rob suggested that investment appetite could be boosted if the right analytics were made available. “I know the Islamic economy is growing and the consumers are now very savvy, but I believe the resources to analyze the Muslim consumer sentiments by region and country are still missing,” said Rob.

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