Is ISIS Islam / islamic?

  • WHERE WAS ISIS BEFORE 2011? – ISIS was founded in 2011. Islam is a religion that is over 1400 years old. If ISIS is part of Islam and representative of the true Islamic teaching, one must question where they have been all this time? The fact that ISIS did not exist before demonstrates that the group did not emerge due to the teachings of religion, but political circumstances. This leads to the next point.
  • ISIS AND THE MUSLIM WORLD – Why did it emerge in these two particular countries and not in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates? ISIS is an extreme reaction to an extreme political, economic, and social situation. If it were inherently part of Islam than it should have emerged much earlier than 2013 and been prevalent in most of the remaining Muslim majority countries.
  • ISIS AND THE WORLD’S MUSLIM POPULATION – According to the CIA, ISIS has between twenty through thirty thousand members. If ISIS consists of thirty thousand people, that means ISIS is .0025% of Muslims. This is such a miniscule number that it can in no way represent the main beliefs and practices of the larger Muslim population.
  • Muslims are against ISIS and terrorism just like most Christians are against the KKK. Although the KKK will claim to be Christian and use the Bible to justify their actions, no serious person will think that the KKK represents Christianity or Christian teachings. Likewise, ISIS does not represent Islam or Muslims, neither historically or in the global context.

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