Interest in Arabic school for Winnipeg grows

  • Interest in creating a bilingual Arabic school program in Winnipeg is increasing as the number of people in the city who speak Arabic rises.
  • Dozens of people attended a presentation about options for Arabic in public schools by Manitoba Education and Training on Sunday at the University of Manitoba.
  • It’s not the first time the community has met to discuss Arabic being taught in public schools, but Eldessouky said the difference between now and meetings two years ago is the number of Arabic speakers has grown enough to look at the possibility of a bilingual Arabic school.
  • Currently there are seven immersion programs teaching children in languages other than English or French. Those schools include Indigenous languages, Spanish, Hebrew, German, Ukrainian and Tagalog.
  • There is support in the community and in the Education Department, but some school divisions have been resistant to even offering Arabic classes in their schools on weekends, Eldessouky said.

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