How to choose friends in Islam

  •  Another well-known truth is, how important it is to choose good friends, as they play a crucial role in shaping our lives. Studies and researches, prove that good friendships bring only benefit for the overall development of an individual. While bad friendships negatively impact the growth of a person.
  • More specifically, our chosen companions affect our spirituality. As Muslims we don’t have the luxury of thinking about just this tiny little world, our vision and aim are far greater.
  • It’s for the endless life we shall have to face after death. With this scenario in mind, then everything that we choose to have in our lives, should help us to fulfill the ultimate goal of a peaceful hereafter. Even the friends we choose should become a means of motivation, and support to strive for the ultimate goal.
  • A true friend is the one whose presence reminds you of Allah, and in whose presence you feel comfortable practicing deen. Simply, a normal conversation with them can uplift your spirits. You might be struggling with your faith, or carrying the burden of guilt on your shoulders, a cool talk with a good friend can lighten you, as well as, uplift your imaan.
  • If you are in a friendship that brings no good in you but lets you drive away from your Creator, then dear, it’s high time that you intoxicate. Get these people out of your life and start fresh. Do not get into emotional drive and let your so-called “friends” take you over.

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