The hijab as part of the global fashion industry

The hijab has become a hot topic in the recent years. From becoming a sports gear, all the way to talks of bans in Europe the Hijab is gaining ground making positive waves in the global fashion industry. Big western brands are embracing Muslim fashion and creating their own style of Islamic fashion under their own respective label.

  • Who are consumers of Muslim clothing and footwear?
  • The Islamic brand: How is it defined?
  • The History of Islamic fashion: a successful business with roots in the 1980s when ethnic grocery the western countries began importing modest fashion clothing along with other items.
  • The story of sports hijab: The use of an official sports hijab in competitions.
  • Nike recently introduced a sports hijab. The reaction to this has been mixed.
  • International Football Association Board (IFAB) overturned a 2007 ban which states that the hijab was “unsafe” could “increase” the risk of neck injuries.
  • National and international designers now more involved in the sale of chic Islamic fashions.
  • The Global Islamic Economy report for 2014-2015 indicated Muslim consumer spending on clothing and footwear had increased to $266 billion in 2013.
  • Muslim consumer clothing and footwear market to reach $488 billion by 2019
  • The Islamic fashion industry initiates marketing campaigns that capitalize on the very core of Islamic precepts
  • Muslims are more brand aware than the general population.
  • The halal logo on food and other products in addition to modesty in clothing has proved to be an effective strategy in creating a global Islamic identity.

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