HalalChain, HalalTrail, HealthFX: Blockchain, IoT and cryptocurrencies for halal supply chains

  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum grab the headlines but more recently, the platform they’re based on has begun showing its potential for more down-to-earth applications for the halal industry.
  • Blockchain’s benefits are becoming increasingly apparent to halal industry entrepreneurs like Dr Sulaiman Liu, co-founder of the recently launched HalalChain, a platform that uses blockchain to trace and track halal products.
  • In the United Kingdom, another halal traceability company is preparing to begin field trials on its new blockchain service. By tagging animals as they go through life on the farm, HalalTrail is able not only to register how they are slaughtered, but also how they have been reared.
  • In Singapore, Varun Panjwani is preparing for the launch of a blockchain ledger to track the provenance of pharmaceuticals, including halal medicines, as part of a wide-ranging healthcare platform linking patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies in Southeast Asia.
  • While blockchain traceability is a novel solution for the halal industry, it is now already beyond its infancy for other supply chains.

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