Is Halal meat healthier?

Being Muslim, we are only allowed to consume Halal food and drinks. However, Haram food is not forbidden in Islam just for the sake of forbidding it. There is a strong reasoning behind it.

There are Halal animals, which Muslims can consume and Haram animals which Muslims cannot consume. Among the Haram animals, the most prominent is swine/pig.

In the Halal meat process, the animal is allowed to bleed out. This ensures that all the toxins are released from the animal and it is safe to eat for the end consumer. Hence, it is healthier
for the person eating the meat.

The concept of consuming Halal meat is not only ensuring that the consumer is eating a healthy and safe meal at the end of the day but the whole process is very humane as the animals do not have
to go through an agonizingly painful process.

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