Halal and kosher meat could be labelled by method of slaughter after Brexit in row over animal cruelty

  • Halal and kosher meat could be labelled to include the method of slaughter post-Brexit amid an ongoing row over animal cruelty. Under Islamic and Jewish laws, animals such as cows, sheep and chicken are not stunned before death to ensure the meat is halal or kosher, respectively.
  • A number of industry bodies have spoken out against the slaughtering of animals without pre-stunning, with many vets claiming the method as cruel. Farming minister George Eustice said the Government will consider introducing labelling after Brexit so shoppers can make an ‘informed choice’ when buying meat.
  • However more than 95 per cent of the scholars and 53 per cent of consumers agreed that if stunning did not result in death, cause physical injury or obstruct bleed-out, the meat would be considered Halal.
  • Britain allows an exemption for those who oppose because of religious beliefs and the number of animals killed without stunning appears to be on the rise.

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