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Assalamu alaikum!

Thank you for your interest in wanting to write for Things Muslims Like. We gladly welcome guest posts! You are free to contribute an article about Islam or submit any interesting content you may have on a Muslim topic. We accept articles and content submissions from from around the world so that we canΒ  inspire Muslims together!

Please understand the following before you submit the guest post:

1. The content of the guest post should be around the topics of Islam and Muslims.
2. Make sure you have the rights to share the articles, content, links, etc.
3. The article should not advertise your own company or products because we have a separate method for that.

Keep in mind that we will only post content that is written well and is beneficiary to the readers. Guest posts and submissions that have too many punctuation or grammatical errors will not be published because we would like to maintain the quality of the website. As mentioned above, you are free to contribute with writings of your own or submit any interesting items as long as they are related to Islam or Muslims.

Topics that particularly interesting as guest posts are:

β€’ Muslim Economy
β€’ Halal Food
β€’ Halal Tourism and Travel
β€’ Duas / Supplications
β€’ Technological Advancements
β€’ Muslim Social and Cultural Topics
β€’ Knowledge: Quran and Sunnah Related Articles
β€’ Opinions especially on Ummah Related Matters
β€’ Infographics
β€’ Videos and Clips
β€’ Inspirational stories

We look forward to reading your submitted content!

To add a guest post, feel free to drop us an email or use the contact form below:

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