German ingredients-checking website, app HalalCheck preparing for European expansion

  • Hundreds of thousands of food products are sold in the country and product labeling is confusing for regular consumers. Labels do not explain if food products include haram ingredients during manufacturing.
  • HalalCheck founder Isa Malkoc believes that halal consumers in Germany eat and drink products whose ingredients, origins and manufacturing processes they know little about.
  • The experience moved Malkoc to set up HalalCheck, a search engine for halal products in Germany, which has now become the destination for more than 80,000 users each month.
  • From its origins in the German city of Bonn, HalalCheck is now on the verge of expanding to other European countries. The HalalCheck team has continued its work and is now gearing up to launch a new version website and mobile app with multiple languages to add to German, specifically Arabic, Dutch, French and Turkish.

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