Earn a living the Halal way, Bruneian Imams remind Muslims

  • Muslims (in the country) were reminded to always work or earn their living in a Halal, ethical, moral and uncorrupted way, based on Islamic Doctrine.
  • The matter was highlighted by Imams during the Friday sermon yesterday, emphasising the wrongs of corruption.
  • The Imams stated that corruption is a despicable act and forbidden in the Islamic teachings, where it can occur in various forms and sizes.
  • An example of corruption is receiving or giving cash, or it might come in any other forms of giving something or receiving something, with the end game of receiving or giving unjust favour or result. Other forms of corruption include providing someone unmerited job position, employment, contract or services.
  • The Imams reminded that corruption never guarantees an easy life in the real sense of the teachings of Islam; in the short term, corruption may provide a large amount of ‘profits’ but these are Haram and unblessed. “Are you willing to provide your wife and children with things that are Haram?” asked the Imams. Corruption will never haunt a person who holds tightly to the teachings of Islam, the Imams assured.

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