Czech Republic’s mini Muslim community subject to hate

  • Estimates say between 5,000 and 20,000 Muslims live in Czech Republic.
  • Islamic community comprises just 0.2 percent of population. Hate crimes have risen amid Islamophobia as Muslims quit country.
  • Yet Islam has become a hot-button topic in Czech national politics, where the power to resolve the country’s hung parliament could lie with a politician whose only policy is, “No to Islam. No to terrorism”.
  • Most of the Muslims there are doctors, engineers and IT specialists and so on, yet some political parties are trying to change our rights and eliminate Islam
  • Currently, Islam is recognised as a religion in the Czech Republic, but its followers are restricted from several basic privileges enjoyed by other faiths, including the right to establish schools, to hold legally recognised weddings and conduct religious ceremonies in public spaces.
  • HateFree, an anti-discrimination organisation run by the government has debunked approximately 100 anti-Muslim hoax stories in the Czech Republic over the past few years.

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