Crowdfunding campaign launched to hold Burma leaders accountable for ethic cleansing of Muslim minority

  • Campaigners have launched a crowdfunding bid to hold Burma’s leaders accountable under international law for the Rohingya Muslim crisis.
  • Hussein Mohamed and Najma Maxamed have launched a crowdfunding campaign to get leading human rights lawyers to begin building the legal case to hold Burma’s leaders to account at the International Criminal Court.
  • They started the campaign after becoming frustrated with the lack of action concerning the Rohingya Muslim crisis, and have already gathered over 400,000 signatures for a petition in support of their campaign.
  • If successful, lawyers will begin investigations in Bangladesh by talking to Rohingya refugees and gathering their first-hand accounts.
  • The campaign has several legal objectives, including the production of written complains to show Burma is in violation of multiple international treaties.
  • It also aims to seek support in setting up an International Commission of Inquiry, which the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights has already called for.

More info on the crowdfunding campaign here!

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