A boom in Halal cosmetics

  • A report published in 2017 by FMI, declared that according to primary research undertaken; it was evident that the rising awareness of religious obligations by consumers has created a surge in halal cosmetics within the Asian Pacific region.
  • No longer are consumers only using price as a major influencing factor but are now looking into the product ingredients, the potential environmental harm it may be causing pre and post production of the product and even the brand’s alliance with major world issues.
  • Asian Pacific Halal cosmetic companies such as INIKA, Clara International and Wipro Unza have reacted to this change in behaviour and have benefited by now becoming market leaders in the region have now implanted new strategies, including merging and acquiring companies through horizontal integration and now reaping the rewards.
  • With a growing population of Muslim’s in the U.K. wanting to have a Halal suitable option for their cosmetic needs, companies in the U.K. should be aware of the growing demand and capitalise on the needs of Muslims otherwise they face losing out to global companies, especially from the Asia-Pacific region who are already potentially aiming to expand into the U.K. market.

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