Best things to do as a Muslim Traveller in Lisbon, Portugal

There are so many reasons why you should consider visiting Lisbon for your next vacation. Lisbon offers a diverse mix of antique and modern European atmosphere. Enjoy wonderfully brewed coffee in one of the many open cafes in the city, shop for unique items such as jewelry and souvenirs made by local designers, or explore the wonderful attractions and the natural scenery of Lisbon.

  • Lisbon is a Muslim-friendly with a lot to offer.
  • It is the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon.
  • The city welcomes scores of visitors from different parts of the world annually.
  • Central Mosque of Lisbon – The main and most prominent mosque in the city for the Portuguese Islamic community
  • Home to modern art museums, lively entertainment venues, sleepy storefronts and historic monuments.
  • Plenty of halal food options in Lisbon


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