How beekeeping is helping me to be a better Muslim

Allah’s creation is truly precise and perfect
I’ve learned that a honey bee colony is a full-blown society that we could learn a lot from. From the insect world, to every leaf, every sea creature, every rock on every mountain, it is all by Allah’s design. In the hive, what may look to the unobservant eye like chaos is perfectly organised. Every bee has a role to play.

Look closer at the Quran and Sunnah
It is still hard for me to fathom the amazing process that bees use to make honey. The nectar from a range of flowers is stored in the bee’s stomach where it mixes with specific enzymes that turn it into a sugary substance that’s regurgitated into the cells. It’s then fanned by the bees wings and once the excess moisture has evaporated, we’re left with honey.

Be a guardian of the earth: it is your responsibility
Growing up as a Muslim I’ve always been taught not to litter, to move things out of people’s path on the road, to treat animals with care, that if I show mercy towards Allah’s creation, I will receive Allah’s mercy. But now I feel more connected to the idea than I ever have before.

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