“Allah” and “Ali”patterns discovered in Viking graves in Sweden

  • Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden have discovered Viking-era burial costumes in graves with the words “Allah” and “Ali” written on them.
  • The Vikings could have been influenced by Islam and “the idea of an eternal life in paradise after death,” Annika Larsson, a researcher in textile archaeology at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Uppsala University, told Anadolu Agency.
  • The words, which appear in Kufic characters of the ancient Arabic script, were found in silk costumes in boat-graves as well as in chamber graves in the historic Viking city of Birka.
  • Larsson referred to Islam’s central religious text, the Quran, where it is written that inhabitants of Paradise will wear garments of silk, venturing that it may explain the widespread occurrence of silk among Vikings.
  • According to Larsson, the mirrored Kufic letters may have been an attempt to write prayers in a way allowing the Arabic characters to be read from left to right, which was more habitual to the Northerners.

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