Abused and discriminated against yet thriving and proud: the life of Muslims in Wales

  • Wales’ expanding Muslim communities are facing hostility and discrimination as well as difficulties finding work
  • We’ve spent time in mosques; interviewed Imams, mosque elders, community workers, and women’s charities. We also spoke to a father who has no idea if his sons are dead or alive after they fled their family home to join Isis in Syria.
  • We found a community that is at once thriving and under-threat, both settled and unsure of its place, growing but vulnerable, integral to Welsh life but poorly understood and isolated.
  • Figures from the Home Office revealed there were 2,941 hate crime offences recorded by police in Wales in 2016-17 – up by a fifth. The majority were motivated by race or religion. The abuse suffered by Muslims in Wales is inextricable from the public reaction to the increasing number of terror attacks seen since 2001.

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