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As netizens who are dependent on the internet for information on what’s happening in the Muslim world, we realized over time that we would regularly get different search results for the very same search terms. So, this lead us to wonder, what if we are not getting the best information out there. Hence, ThingsMuslimsLike was born.

Our goal is to provide you with the best, latest and most interesting information from the Muslim world. We know you can still “google” anything yourself but this once straight forward task of getting the “best” information on the internet can end up with very misleading results today. With search engines getting smarter every day and the continuous updating of their algorithms, a simple search on the internet will yield you a completely different set of results depending on many different factors such as your location and device used. What this means for us users is that we may not be getting the best information but rather we are being served the best search engine optimized content. Search engines are machines and these machines need to be told how and what to rank content for. So, properly optimized sites with less valuable content will be able to rank better than sites that may contain more useful and better information.

This is where we come along. We do not want you to miss out on any of that precious and interesting information. So we have made it our job to gather the best information out there and deliver it to you.


Q. How is ThingsMuslimsLike.com different from a search engine?
A. Search engines are good to answer a question like, “what is halal?” However, it has a much difficult time answering “what is going on with halal.” Additionally, you may not be really getting the best answer to this question because the results that appear on the first page of search results (i.e. Google) are based on good SEO practices. That’s where we step in by giving you the best results surrounding the topic “Things Muslims Like”.

Q. How do we provide the best content, you may wonder?
A. Simple! Our team literally searches for the latest and most interesting content on the internet and gathers them for you. At TML, we manually go through the internet and collect the latest interesting releases from the best sites and blogs that are related to our topics. Our topics cover news, travel, fashion trends, gifts, lifestyle products and many new additions over time.

Q. So you only gather info?
A. No! We also generate our own content by doing research, holding interviews (with market players), traveling or/and doing whatever it needs to get the best content on our site.

Q. How often do you update our feeds?
A. Quite often actually. Just check in occasionally for the latest posts. Additionally, you can sign up for our mailing list. We promise we don’t spam you!

Q. Some of my favorite sites are not added, can I get TML to include them?
A. Sure! Just send us the suggestion through our submission form.

Q. How can I suggest other topics?
A. We have a submission form you can use. Or, you can mail us directly.

Q. How can I advertise on a TML site or profile?
A. Please see our advertising page.

Q. How do I get my content, site or blog added to TML?
A. The submission form is the easiest and fastest way to provide us with information about any content you have. We will review it and try to approve it as soon as possible.

Q. What if I want my content, site or blog removed from TML?
A. If you are receiving too much traffic just contact us, and we will remove it from TML.

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